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Lawsuit claims breach of contract, wrongful termination

While some employees simply show up at work each day and complete the minimum requirements to fulfill their job responsibilities, others do their best every day to ensure the continued success of the company. When such an employee in Massachusetts or across the nation feels that they have not received rightful compensation or have been a victim of wrongful termination, he or she has the option of seeking legal recourse. One man has recently taken such an action.

In recent court documents, a former executive at a jewelry company claims that he was promised a $1 million bonus and stock in the company after his work in securing additional financing for the company. Court documents show an email from the company's CEO that seemingly supports this claim. However, despite several requests over the course of a year, the compensation was not received.

In addition to the lack of compensation, the man said he voiced his concerns about completing personal work for the CEO and one of the company's founders. He claims that he was ultimately fired in late November with no warning and without reason. He additionally alleges that the CEO's actions created a hostile work environment.

While everyone knows that the job market today is somewhat volatile, an employee should be able to express concerns about the lack of promised compensation and other job-related issues without fear of retribution. People in Massachusetts who feel they have been a victim of wrongful termination can seek damages, including lost wages, in a civil court. The successful litigation of such an action may also deter an employer from acting in a similar manner in the future.

Source: turnto10.com, Former Alex and Ani exec files wrongful termination lawsuit, Parker Gavigan, Dec. 23, 2013

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